Sunflower Power: Did you know?

The Sunflower has an impressive symbolic history and spiritual meaning.  The flower has devoted it's very shape in worship to the sun, harnessing the sun's energy and will move into perfect position, facing the sun to absorb this energy.  The disc of the sunflower is made up of many little flowers. 

What do you see when you gaze upon the flower?  Many of us see the sun, a beautiful flower, or a reminder that fall is approaching.  Others see the sunflower as the giver of delicious seeds.  I now see this flower as a nutritious plant;  Did you know that most of the sunflower plant can be eaten?  I was thrilled to discover this during my research and should have known that sunflower are among the edible flowers.  A word of caution; edible flowers should be eaten organic as flowers are generally sprayed with toxic pesticides.  I am not able to describe how to eat the sunflower and edible flowers as well as and, so please click on the following two links to expand on your knowledge, your nutrition, your recipes, and your creativity:

Sunflower seeds can be added to anything: smoothies, salads, cookies, eaten by themselves.  Raw is best or lightly roasted.  You can grind them into sun butter.  The petals can be added to any of your salads or veggie dishes.  The stalks can be chopped and used as you would use celery.  Please click on the LIVESTRONG link above for additional ideas to utilize the entire sunflower.