Kale...That Is All

Are you in the Kale Camp?

Are you tired of hearing about kale?  I am giggling as I write this.  I have been involved in many kale discussions/arguments.  People usually love it or hate it, and most have an opinion.  Why so much ado about kale?  Well, aside from ornamental kale decorating gardens, it is a member of, as Dr. Axe would say, "the illustrious group of cancer fighting cruciferous vegetables."  There are many types of kale, classified by leaf type.  All have the nutrition and health benefits of the brassica (Cruciferous) family and of course it's own phytonutrient that makes IT special.  It is a natural detoxifier, is a nutritional powerhouse, is anti-inflammatory.  Basically kale will help reduce MANY health risks and improve your health.  

Don't love kale?  Maybe or maybe you have not prepared it in a way that is palatable for you. Please have a look at my recipes and give kale another try.  Love kale?  Have you tried these recipes?

Storing: Store unwashed kale in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Kale tends to get more bitter the longer it is left at room temperature. Tightly wrap in a paper towel and then place it in an airtight bag.  If you will use it the same day, place it in a water, like a bouquet of flowers, on the counter.

Washing: Always wash your produce with a white vinegar/water solution or a store bought veggie liquid or spray.  I use a salad spinner and soak my leaves.

Preparing:  I do not do this, but it is recommended to tear the leaves from the middle vein.  It makes for a more tender dish.  Kale can be cooked any which way and added to anything, even cupcakes!  For salads and side dishes, it's nice to tenderize the kale by massaging it with your hands and letting the kale marinate if you are using it in a raw salad. So chop, rip, blend, juice, roll, or leave as is.

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