An Apple A Day...

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What's the first sign of fall for you? Well, the shorter days for me, and apples. Apples, apples, apples. Right?!?! There are so many different kinds of apples, varying in texture, sweetness, density, color, size, shape, and flavor. There's a good chance that the saying, "an apple a day [helps] keeps the doctor away," is true.  I find that many do not realize the health benefits of an apple.  What do you think of when you are considering a healthy fruit to eat? Are apples the top of your list?  As long as you do not have a food allergy, intolerance, sensitivity, they should be, along with berries. And depending on an allergy or level of reaction, have you tried peeling the skin and rinsing, or cooking the apple?

Oral Health

Apples actually help remove plaque from your teeth. The flesh scrubs and the acid helps dissolve.


Dr. Axe considers the apple "the ultimate gut and heart-friendly food. They are high in fiber, loaded with antioxidants, and help reduce the risks for many diseases and illnesses like cancer and diabetes, even asthma. Some apples, such as the red delicious and the granny smith, have a greater phytonutrient concentration, but any apple is a great apple!

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Eat an apple to help reduce health risks, lose or manage weight, prepare and/or recover from exercise. Eat an apple; they are delicious!


The main reason for an apple spoiling is bruising or coming into contact with another apples rotten spot. If  you are going to use them quickly, the countertop is perfect. Tart and thick skin apples will keep longer, but most apples, when stored properly, will keep for three of four months.

Wrap each apple in a sheet of newspaper (not color newspaper) and place in a basket or box. Place the box in a cool, dark spot, where it won't freeze.

You can also keep them in a plastic bag with a few holes in it and place in your crisper drawer. Careful not to store vegetables with your apples as apples give off ethylene gas, which will cause the vegetables to decay more quickly.


Always wash your produce in a veggie wash or white vinegar and water. Skin on is the most nutritious way to eat an apple, so I would never ask you to peel an apple unless you absolutely have to. Eat an apple raw: spiralize, chop, cut, shred, slice, dice. Dehydrate your apple slices for dried apples. Baked-stuffed, apple sauce, apple everything. Toss apple into squash soups, into green salads or any other salad. Add apples to your veggie juice extractions. Dip your apple slices into nut butters, tahini, homemade or melted, all natural caramels. Bake, grill, sautee, dehydrate. An apple on it's own is awesome.

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-Dawn Swope, CHHC, AADP