Microgreens are a vegetable green. They are smaller than baby greens, bigger than sprouts, and have about 40% more in nutrients than their full grown counterparts. Microgreens pack big flavor from mild to spicy.  You can add them to just about anything and you will instantly improve the nutrition of what you are eating.


Microgreens are considered a "superfood," a real superfood that I am not marketing here for any other gain except that you should try them. Each microgreen plant tastes different, so find the one(s) you like. I LOVE them ALL!


Wrap unwashed in a damp paper towel, sealed in a plastic bag or glass container. Should keep in the fridge for about a week or more. 


Always wash your produce with a store-bought veggie wash or a solution of water and white vinegar. That's it. You are good to go! Best eaten raw, add them to everything. Not only are you increasing the nutritional density of your meal, you are making a work of art. 

microgreens farmbox greens.jpg

Photo Credit: Farmbox Greens

I like them atop my avocado toast, on my grilled panini, sprinkled on my plate as an edible garnish. I like a salad of micros with chopped red onion, artichoke hearts, cucumber, radish, olives, feta, capers.

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-Dawn Swope CHHC