An Empowered Life visits Dawn Swope, certified holistic health coach, in her beautiful kitchen to learn how to make her 3 favorite "drinks for life." Dawn began making these drinks as part of her recovery from cancer 5 years ago. They are still a part of her daily routine for health and remission.


"I'm excited to share with you my interview highlighting Dawn Swope, a passionate nutrition and health coach. Her mission is to empower others by sharing her success using nutrition in her fight against an aggressive form of breast cancer. She combined holistic and traditional cancer treatments and is in her fifth year of remission."

Here's a selection of some of my clients over the past few years:

Sleeping Again—Naturally.....
Condition—I haven’t slept well in over 10-years. Since the start of menopause, difficulty falling and staying asleep—some nights it felt like I never slept at all. Basically, sleep deprived for years.  I never tried pharmaceutical sleep aids. Attended a sleep workshop, tried many behavioral concepts plus ate specific foods to help with sleep but nothing worked.

Solution—A one-hour session with Dawn pointed to a mineral deficiency. I’m now taking the mineral and sleeping. I’m extremely grateful to Dawn for her accurate diagnosis and a healthy, natural solution that’s working for me.

A heartfelt thank you to Dawn. 



I'm feeling great and pretty much sticking with the clean eating.  I just can't believe how much of a difference it makes.

Thanks, Laurie


I don't cook.  I heat.  Obviously, that's not the best way to stay healthy.  I needed professional guidance.  Dawn Swope gave me that guidance.  Her extensive knowledge and invaluable advice have helped me immeasurably.  I can feel and see the difference.  Dawn knows her stuff and I highly recommend her to one and all.  She is a gem!  



"I heard Dawn lecture at I Found Fitness in Deep River about a year ago.  I found her to be very engaging, organized and professional.  In fact, I learned a few things about the digestive system which I still benefit from today.  After the lecture, she took some of her time to answer a couple of my questions and was very attentive even while others were trying to talk with her.  I was so impressed with that, I scheduled a coaching appointment and ended up working with her for six months.

My intention was to lose weight, I did and also, unexpectedly, learned much about myself.  Dawn provided compassion, motivation and information much of which I still use today.  She created a notebook of our session highlights including recipes, shopping lists, links to research and further readings on topics I raised.  I really felt like I was in control of the season content.  I looked forward to talking with her each week as it was such a treat to have time dedicated to me!  Dawn was very flexible with session time and venue.  We often sat outside on beautiful days or spoke over the phone if necessary.

I can recommend her without reservation." — L. Giannotti


After several sessions with Dawn – each one full of gentle suggestions and incredible information – I have come away with a new mantra“Mindfulness”.  With Holiday season approaching I am  moving forward this year with her wise advice to be “Mindful of what I am eating, be Mindful of what exercise I can fit into each day.    Mindfulness, such a better word  and way to look at a healthy lifestyle  as opposed to discipline, routine, which for me turns into a rut and rebellion!       Please ask her about her  “Magic Potions”  which is why I am now staying hydrated and in a Healthy way!     

Thorough, professional, compassionate – Dawn is a game changer.  

Forever Grateful ,  Starr


"Dawn has inspired me to change my lifestyle and the way I look at eating food. I have learned how to consume nutritionally dense foods and how different foods aid my body in different ways. She is always helping me by giving me recipes personalized to my lifestyle and likes and dislikes.

Dawn has continually helped me throughout my weight loss journey and is always a text or phone call away if I have a question or feel as if I am getting off track.  She is always optimistic and eager to offer her support and guidance. 

I would not be where I am today if not for Dawn of a New Day." — M. Ouellette


"My name is JimV. and here is my weight loss story. Back in April I happen to be visiting at Dawn’s house where I noticed a book in her kitchen. It was the 10-Day Detox Diet by Mark Hyman. I asked her about it and she said she was currently on the plan and losing roughly a pound a day. She said the food was very good and the portions were large enough to fill you up. I always wanted to get back down to 235, and 10 days didn’t seem to be a long time, so I bought the book. Day 1, 6 AM, I weighed in at 258 pounds. By the morning of day 11 (today, as I write this) I stepped on the scale at 240. I am amazed with the results.

Well, here I am at 240. I referenced Day 11 because I am continuing the diet until I reach my goal of 235. I owe a lot to Dawn for introducing me to this program. She was great. During the 10 days she would call or text me and ask how I was doing. If I had any questions she was there. She also provided a lot of encouragement and praise, which always helps.

Thank you Dawn!" — Jim V.